HOMEOWNERS: We help you avoid Foreclosure! If you have questions about loan mod, deed-in-lieu, short sales, loan help or bankruptcy, please contact us immediately, as your options are reduced, the longer you wait. We work directly with homeowners all across the country, and assist you in every option possible to avoid foreclosure! We also have a network of attorneys and tax advisors that can help you make the best decision possible. A huge benefit of our service, is that it is FREE to all homeowners, as we get paid directly by the bank for helping you avoid foreclosure!

REAL ESTATE AGENTS: We receive Real Estate Agent’s Referrals and provide Short Sale Services, along with paying an Upfront Referral To The Agent Of Up To $2,500. We contact the bank directly on your homeowner’s behalf, and we negotiate directly with the bank to make sure that the homeowner is able to walk away from their underwater home with Nothing Owed To The Bank! We have a network of attorneys and tax advisors that we employ, and make sure that the homeowner is informed and legally represented throughout the entire short sale process. Why spend hours, days, or months trying to speak to the bank, when our team of short sale experts get short sale approvals in as short as 8 days, and have a success rate of 96%. Plus, you get an Upfront Referral Fee, and an additional Closing Commission Bonus!